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GBL Drug Quickview

GBL is drug?

In fact, Gbl is a chemical. Not a Drug. But GBL is converted into GHB in the body which affects several nerve pathways in the brain. so many people use GBL as drug.


Insufficient Evidence for

  • Causing relaxation.
  • Increasing mental clarity.
  • Relieving depression and stress.
  • Improving sexual performance and pleasure.
  • Reducing fat.
  • Releasing growth hormone.
  • Improving athletic performance.
  • Improving sleep.
  • As a recreational drug.
  • Prolonging life.

Health Risks use GBl as drug

  • Overdosing can lead to unconsciousness, coma and death.
  • GBL can make people pass out easily
  • May burn the mouth and throat when swallowed
  • can result in short term confusion and disorientation.
  • confusion, shaking, epileptic seizure and coma.
  • Disclaimer

    GBL998 is for industrial use. Not intended for human or animal consumption. Do not use as GBL drug.

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