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Buy 99.8% Pure GBL Online

Buy 99.8% pure GBL online. We promise our GBL is more than 99.8% pure.

We offer serveral capacity packing GBL998.

  • 1L/bottle
  • 25L/plastic drum
  • 200L/metal drum
  • Ton drum

gbl for sale

    For the first time, we recommend the 1L package to test the purity.



    5 Liters Free Shipping

    Shipping Method

    Fedex Priority

    Esimated Time

    3-10 days

    Payment Method

    Paypal is only accepted for the first time. Western Union or MoneyGram is recommended to get a discount.


    GBL998 is for industrial use. Not intended for human or animal consumption. Do not use as GBL drug.

    Pure GBL For Sale 2012-09-01 15:03